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The ShortGo Barrel Racer is designed to balance the rider and encourage proper positioning at all times.  The deep center seat and close contact skirts allow better "feel" of the horse.  This unique design provides the security of a sport saddle with the stability of a treed saddle.

The little bit wider gullet and flared bars free up the shoulder area and allow full range of movement for maximum athletic performance while reducing the chance of soreness. 

These professional hand-crafted saddles are durable yet light weight in design; approximately 26 lbs.  The ShortGo Barrel Saddle base price is w/o stirrups. SA Walls Twisted Stirrups for improved positioning as well as knee and hip comfort for the rider can be added at extra charge. This saddle requires virtually no "breaking-in" period.


This saddle can be custom made w/any amount of basket stamping you choose.


*All Rough Out ~ base price ~ $2,200.00

*Rough Out with 1/2 Basket Stamp ~ add $175

*Rough Out with 3/4 Basket Stamp ~ add $260

*Full Basket Stamp (full stamp except seat) ~ add $350


Base Price includes:

*6 Conchos

*Hoof Pick & Holder

*Back Cinch & Billets



Extras include:

*Conchos ~ $5 each

*Crystals ~ $.50 each

*Letter stamping ~ $2/letter

*Basket stamping as priced above

14.5 Bling Barrel
14.5 Bling Barrel

All roughout w/dropped suede covered seat and seat jockey. Skirts and fenders lined w/crystals. Designed for todays quick and athletic horses. Allows the rider to remain in a balanced position throughout the run. All of these barrel saddles come w/S.A. Walls twisted stirrups.

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Barrel 14"
Barrel 14"
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BARREL 13.5"
BARREL 13.5"
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This tree is wood with fiberglass covering. We can build on any size gullet width or seat length.

Sample of one of our Fit-To-Be-Seen

Forms. We have several different forms that are molded from the bottom of these trees. We find the closest fit for your horse and order that tree fit..



*Rough Out ~ 1/2 basket stamp

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