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"At ShortGo Saddlery, we strive to build equipment that is pleasing to the eye but above all is functional for its intended purpose. I personally select and build all components of every saddle and piece of equipment. Whether you are looking for a ranch, roping, barrel, or bronc saddle, I will build it with quality workmanship to your specifications."
- Mike Peterson

About ShortGo Saddlery


ShortGo Saddlery offers quality handmade saddles at an affordable price. Top priorities for all ShortGo Saddles are fit for both the horse and rider, eye appeal, and use ability. Using our products personally on the ranch and in the arena gives us the unique opportunity to perfect our designs. Whether you are looking for a roping, barrel, ranch, or saddle bronc saddle, you can count on a ShortGo Saddle to be the best ride of your life.

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